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Report 42.KOB.1098.1.a
Kobold Mining

Kobold Materials is your standard, corporate, run-of-the-mill, government-connected, conspiracy-driven, resource monopoly of semi-legal plunder privateers.

If you run a business, colony, or station you have to deal with Kobold on a pretty regular basis. If you’re not part of the outer space industrial racket, you probably know them as the name on your kid’s toy mining hauler, an essential for ages 3-10 children born in the vacuum who will never see dirt in their lives, bless their little, misshapen space hearts.

Kobold Materials mines materials from space. Their most common contributions are the basic material building blocks for ships and stations, as well as some of the more rare components needed to maintain the lifeblood of our society: filters and purifiers. We’re always making air and water out of something and, let’s be honest, it’s usually piss, so – those components are important.

Their early claim to fame was less technological as logistical. By consolidating the first asteroid mining companies, they made it economical enough to mine and market materials through the various boom and bust periods of ship and station expansions. To pull that off the combined conglomerate blackmailed the unprepared central government into absurd contracts which have fed Kobold Materials the mining rights to basically every significant cosmic body that meanders through our solar system.

Their most recent advance is a new type of ship they’ve dubbed, no joke, Potatorships, which is supposed to mean “ship that drinks” in Latin, but I looked that shit up and it means Suckership and whoever got that name embossed in steel on a fleet of fifty ships deserves a goddamn medal (42.ATE). Name aside, they are the first to be able to harvest in large quantities all the fun bits of atmosphere from the gas giants, locking in at least another half-century of industrial dominance for the world’s most mediocre company.

The dark magic at the heart of the new world is engineering.
Report 42.ATE.1098.1.a

A children's mining kit
“OK AT KO” employee handbook and two employee ID cards
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