An encyclopedia of Earth after The Exile

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Report 30.VNS.1112.9.a

She’s insane, of course. But she’s got this warmth.

I’d detail some of her conspiracy theories, but honestly, they are hard to put succinctly. Her arguments take hours to play out – a slow drip of propaganda that lulls you into such a settled calm that by the time she reaches some heinous conclusion you’re almost on her side. Almost.

She thinks the colonists eat ground-up people pressed into food bricks.

That was easier to summarize than I expected. Explaining her ideas about the Terrans, however, might take some time.

I get why people like it. The way she talks just sort of feels like a slightly heated after dinner conversation. And these long pauses, almost as if she’s listening to you. You can always sort of hear her moving around, like she’s making tea or crocheting or something relaxing.

The other thing she has going for her is that she’s got incredible broadcast range and no one knows how. Floating the penumbra means bouncing between long stretches of dead air, days between data dumps and even further between live broadcasts. Except for Venus. You can pick her up live pretty much anywhere – half the time she’s the only option except for reruns or silence. She knows it too. That’s why she talks slow. She knows you’re not going anywhere.

She’s been getting more… agitated lately. Her views were always extreme but now it seems like there’s an urgency to it. She’s been suggesting her listeners stockpile food for when civilization in the core collapses. Her newsletters and pamphlets started including recipes for homemade tasers, EMPs, and such. She’s preparing her people for an android invasion, I think.

I don’t know where she gets her information. I hope it’s just coming out of her head because if even a handful of her theories are true, we are well and truly fucked.

Excerpt from one of Venus’ broadcasts about Terrans.
Two of Venus’ most popular self-published pamphlets.
Excerpt from one of Venus’ broadcasts about food production.
An example of the schematics and instructions she’s started including in her newsletters.