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Report 27.WHP.1095.1.a

Whipple’s (or Whip’s, to the familiar) is so packed with intel hoi polloi it might as well be attached to The Tower. It’s obvious its popularity is a result of proximity, because other than its convenient location, it isn’t offering much. It does, however, combine a seemingly unintentional combination of random qualities that make it perfect for this specific clientele.

Whip’s pretty much never closes, which gives it an advantage at capturing the rolling shifts coming in and out of the Tower at all hours.

It walks a thin line between being just decent enough for the middle management and way too shitty for the top brass. This gives the crowd a perfect place to blow off steam, unobserved (or so they think). As pretty much anyone in my line of work knows: a Lt. Decon with a button undone and a plastic of whiskey is an easy meal.

It can get a bit rowdy, depending on the hour, and it’s not unusual to see a few off balance punches thrown – but the owner is almost always around to smooth things over with the offending parties and to handwave away any issues with security forces.

The owner is called Whip and the regulars act like they know him, but upon further investigation, none of their stories about him match up. I’ve heard alternatively that he is: retired brain surgeon, former general, smuggler on house arrest, or Fred Whipple’s last living descendant. One Decon seemed to be absolutely positive he’s an undercover Terran gathering up and reporting on all the Tower’s secrets. I doubt that – considering what I know of Terran intelligence practices – but it’s not the craziest theory I've heard about Terrans.

I do suspect Whipple’s has at least one hidden entrance, which would account for the almost constant presence of the owner despite the fact the bar that has no adjacent buildings or apartments.

If you must visit, I’d recommend you drink something straight and reliable. They’re not exactly mixologists.

Various objects from within the bar.
Whipple’s often hold happy hours special targeted at the shift patterns of the nearby Tower.
Whipple’s has a joint venture for bespoke canned beverages (mostly variations on what is basically moonshine) with one of the penumbra traders.
A poster for Whipple’s annual “Freddie Day,” a 24hr party where they celebrate their namesake, Fred Whipple, creator of the Whipple Shield in the 1940s.