An encyclopedia of Earth after The Exile

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Report 07.AOC.1097.9.a
The Amit

REPORT The most likely way to encounter the Amit Organization is through their unique product. Every trader, smuggler, or merchant worth their salt can spot an Amit refurb on sight.

Thermal cannons turned into harmless thrusters, war robots that work in kitchens, communicators cobbled together from stripped pistol parts.

The craftsmanship is always impeccable, to the annoyance of some less experienced buyers who might empty their accounts thinking they’ve found themselves discount weapons of war, only to discover that the refurbishment is so thorough as to make it practically impossible to reverse the technology to its original purpose.

The second most likely way to encounter the organization, although far less common, is when buzzards suddenly find their takes contested by the Wandering Fleet, as Amit ships have become known on the penumbra. Massive marvels of engineering, they show up without warning, vacuum up the detritus of battle, and disappear to some unknown area of space where somehow they have access to the power and resources necessary for their advanced engineering.

No one knows exactly where Amit Organization came from. Or at least if they do, they’re not talking… anymore. For a group that abhors violence, they’re remarkably good at “dealing with” intruders and spies. Outside of that their dedication to pacifism is absolute.

The following I have heard oft-repeated, but have been unable to verify: A titan of industry, eventually broken by the violence and suffering caused by the arms and armor he produced, broke away from the world, taking with him many of the best minds he could convert (42.ATE) to his mission. If that’s true, whatever happened in the ensuing years made the group increasingly isolated and ritualistic.

It’s worth noting that there’s a bit of Robin Hood to their activities. It’s not uncommon to find Amit branded essential technology in the hands of the poor and disenfranchised, obtained at some obscene discount.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I still have sources yet to report but at this point, I’m not expecting much. They’ve either converted or somehow convinced to disappear.

My report on 12.WRK is nearly complete. You’ll have it within a few more weeks, after which, please don’t ever ask me to go there again. It’s very smelly.

The dark magic at the heart of the new world is engineering.
Report 42.ATE.1098.1.a

The outside world knows a fair amount about what The Wreck is, even if they don’t know much about what goes on inside.
Report 12.WRK.1098.1.a

Amit Organization symbol embossed on a refurbished war robot currently employed as a dishwasher in a diner (31.CTR) on a boat barge.
Amit Organization “Prayer Book,” acquired from a trader at great cost. Half religious text, half technical manual...
Amit Organization general advertisements, easily found in most major marketplaces.
Amit Organization pacifist propaganda posters. Photo from source: reportedly from the exterior of the “Wandering Fleet.”
Very rare Amit Organization technical manual showing the methods and practices for tearing down humanoid robots and mechanisms, including part of the hard-coding process that makes it near irreversible.